Brent and his lovely wife,
My name is Beverly.
I am Brent's sister.

You see he has ALS,
which is "Lou Gehrig's"

This is my way of supporting his struggles and praise  him for his efforts.
"ALS" stands for
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Better known as....

"Lou Gehrig's Disease"
This page is dedicated to those who fight the battle, who dare to challenge this disabling disease.
Brent's Place

This is the home page for a fighter, one who displays the courage and the determination
to preserver.

Amytorophic Lateral Sclerosis

Growing up with six brothers and sisters, Brent was a very active young boy.  He played football and shot -put.  He was on the swimming team as well.
He was always a very strong teenager, and as he grew older Brent began playing Bass Guitar, Body Building, Golf, Fishing, and Boating.
Brent is a Big Outdoorsmans!!!!!!

Brent joined the
from Yankee stadium to DC, arriving in DC to speak to Senators and Congressmen, requesting they pass a Bill to help ALS patients receive Medicare... when ALS patients are diagnosised.
Currently the wait is
2 years for this much needed support and assitance.
Thia page was brought to you by
Beverly R. McKenzie
Poetry,  Encouragement, and  Love

Piece by piece he fades away
ALS has brought decay.
Muscles, nerves all start to fail
He's locked inside his human shell.
His brain is sharp, his eyes are bright
His spirit is his guiding light.
From the outside looking in,

My undying love only grows for him.
My heart aches, as he grows weak,
A slient tear rolls down his cheek.
He fights to stay strong as long  as he can.

As he slowly walks, he takes his children's hand.
In their eyes he's the worlds greatest dad.
The strongest and most loving any kids ever had.
And to  me he is the most precious gem
I've never met another like him.
He's changed me so, he's made strong
I thank God he's let me be with him this long.
ALS came from outta the blue,
And grabbed the strongest man I ever knew.
They do their best their hearts are pure
But the financial world dictates to all
If your hearts will rise or if  they'll fall

A lota people just don't seem to care
But then again they've  never been there.
And until you see a loved one shrink away
You don't realize the price is worth the pay
But our faith in God and a cure is strong
We just hope it doesn't take too long
He still has dreams, things he wants to do
Please Dear Lord make his dreams come true

By Dianna L. Fendley
For My Loving Husband
Brent Lane Fendley
Who was dianosed with ALS
on October 27, 1999
When I Heard of Your Illness

I wanted to reach out and touch you
so you'd know I 'm right here.
Ready to help you anyway I can
You must be receiving so many messages from
Those you have loved and cared for
all your life.

People want to find the right words to touch
your heart in the way you have touched their's.
Instead of talking I'd like to listen

I won't say I know how you feel, because I don't.
but I know how I feel,
I feel lucky...
Lucky to have you in my life.

Most of all I know your faith will strenght you.
God is with you every step of the way.

He will be your best friend and support don't be afraid to lean on him now.

With all my heart and soul I will love you forever


Help Support ALS
Contact your State Representatives and

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May the Special Angels of
Watch over you and keep you safe!